lunes, 3 de marzo de 2008

Petición de apoyo a Mehdi Kazemi.

Resumen del contenido:

Mehdi Kazemi es un joven de 19 años cuyo compañero, Parham, fue ejecutado en el año 2006 por mantener relaciones afectivo-sexuales con otros hombres en Irán. Afortunadamente Medí, también originario de Irán, se encontraba estudiando fuera del país cuando todo aquello sucedió, pero hace algunos meses su visado ha caducado y se encuentra en una situación francamente delicada (más detalles aquí).

Para evitar que el Reino Unido devuelva a su país de origen a este joven se ha puesto en marcha una campaña de apoyo internacional destinada al Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores de los Países Bajos, lugar en el que se encuentra actualmente pues le fue denegado el asilo en Reino Unido, y a la que podéis adheriros a través del siguiente link:

Texto íntegro del documento que solicita la adhesión a la petición:

“TO EVERYONE; This is a plea to save an Iranian young man who is to be deported back to the UK from the Netherlands , under the Dublin treaty. Mahdi has already been refused asylum in the UK and shall certainly face horrific torture and most likely execution if the British government is allowed to send him back to Iran . A campaign must be started to prevent this from happening, especially as the young lad had already suffered and is now going on a hunger strike. Your support, and advice is requested as if we in the west allow this fellow homosexual man to be executed, then we are no better than those who actually perpetrate the crime, for sexuality is as much a fundamental right as any other. I implore you, to make your voice heard as it can and shall make a difference. Please help and support this young man who has gone through hell and back and faces certain punishment if not worse if he is returned to Iran , due to the barbaric regime and his well publicised case. I would appreciate any suggestions, and feel that a campaign is immediately mounted to draw attention to this matter and save the deportation. Please do not let another fellow Homosexual human being suffer just for his sexuality that we take for granted in the West. This case needs as much media and individual pressure as possible and your help and assistance is requested. Further information on Madias case can be found on the Web and also under my name, if you need further background. PLEASE, PLEASE do not let the British Government send another Iranian to his death. Yours Sincerely ”

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